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BIA has created a number of committees centered around specific topics that affect the industry. Getting involved in a committee is a great way for you to volunteer, meet other members and promote your business.

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Communications Committee

This committee is made up of communications professionals who meet once per month to brainstorm ideas for the latest communications initiatives, carrying out the BIA’s overall Communications Plan. Members are encouraged to get to know what’s inside the Communications Plan and volunteer where their expertise is strongest. They serve as a support system of experts when other committees/councils are in need of communications aide. The staff contact is Amanda Kahl.

Events Committee

The events committee is in charge of planning and executing the general membership events throughout the year. They influence a major part of the networking experience along with being a resource for venues, speakers and entertainment. In addition, members of the committee volunteer at the actual events. The committee meets once per month, and the staff contact is Karla Valeri.

Housing Affordability

By monitoring and defending against government actions that impede housing affordability, the housing affordability committee provides expertise from varied industry vantages. They are often tasked with finding better solutions to what government proposes for the creation of affordable housing in San Diego. The staff contact is Matt Adams.


Membership is the heart of our association. Leading the efforts of recruiting and retaining members is critical to our success. In order to have the highest level of retention, specific focus on membership value is one of the highest priorities. If you have an interest in expanding your network and helping with the value we offer members, including our entire New Member program, this is the committee for you. No matter what your company’s industry niche, we can use someone who understands the value of the BIA and is passionate about helping it grow. The staff contact is Michael Harris.

North County Legislative

One of three local legislative committees, this member group advocates for legislation, candidates and positions in North San Diego County that are compatible with BIA’s legislative priorities. Cities of focus include Oceanside, Carlsbad, Vista, and San Marcos. Committee members have varied backgrounds and levels of experience. The staff contact is Michael McSweeney.

Political Communications

BIA is a respected political force. The political communications committee interviews candidates and studies ballot measures to ensure a thorough understanding of the current political issues and to provide recommendations to BIA’s million dollar political action committee (PAC). The PAC considers the committee’s recommendations as it develops the industry’s campaign and funding strategies. The staff contact is Matt Adams.

Risk Management

Members of this committee typically have an interest and professional background in liability, legal and insurance issues. The committee reviews new government programs and/or regulations that add or affect the level of risk by the builders and trade contractors and then makes recommendations to protect the industry from additional liability exposure and improve industry “best practices” standards. The staff contact is Michael McSweeney.

San Diego City / County

The second of three local legislative committees, this group focuses on the actions and trends in central San Diego including all industry-relevant policy from the city of San Diego and the county of San Diego. Committee members have varied backgrounds and levels of experience. The staff contact is Matt Adams.

Storm Water Task Force

Storm water regulation is a controversial and very expensive government mandate that involves highly technical criteria for compliance with the rules. This committee monitors the ever-changing storm water standards and strives to educate the industry on best practices for compliance.The staff contact is Michael McSweeney.

Other Committees

Educational Outreach Committee (Scholarships). The staff contact is Nancy Diamond.
Fee Task Force. For more information, contact Matt Adams.
Public Policy Committee. For more information, contact Matt Adams.

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